Orchestra Filarmonica Giovanile ALPE ADRIA

Animazione delle foto dell'Orchestra Filarmonica Giovanile

Orchestra workshop

The orchestra workshop is one of the main activities in which the "Alpe Adria" Music Meetings Centre is involved every year to offer the young musicians of the territory and the neighbouring regions an important opportunity of cultural and professional growth.

In this project is involved youth, who is from 18 to 25 years old after an audition advertisement for those who graduated. In case of the lack of degree their teacher has to give references to certify the level.

The audition advertisement of the workshop is posted on the notice board of the "Alpe Adria" Music Meetings Centre, it is available on the web www.cimalpeadria.it, promoted though the media and the internet sites of musical interest and it is sent by mail to all the schools, associations, music institutes, conservatories and academies in the Alpe Adria region.

After the audition the musicians participate to the stage and the workshop, with the help of professional tutors and by the conductor himself, M° Luigi Pistore. This cycle of studies is completed by a series of concerts in Italy and abroad, at the end if which is awarded a scholarship. Other famous musicians can be involved, depending on the program of the stage.

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